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About Us

Fiona international established in 2017, in Mumbai. Fiona international is a leading manufacturer and pioneer of medical hygiene and industrial non-woven products.The core product range comprises :surgical masks, particulate respirators (n95) surgical caps, non-woven shoe cover gowns and allied non-woven products. We import all types of gloves and do sterilization in house. Fiona international commenced commercial production in early 2018 and has quickly grown to one of India’s leading non-woven convertors. Fiona international designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of medical disposables and laboratory products for pharma industrial and as well as hospitals.

Our vision

We are dedicatedly committed to the care and improvement of human life through continuum of high quality, cost effective healthcare products.

Our mission

We aim to discover and develop and innovative products for the betterment of human health and enhance the quality of life.

Our Products

Clean Room Products

Lint-Free Cloth
Sterilization Pouch
Sterilization Reel
Medical Crepe Paper

Lab Equipment

Blue ,Yellow,White Tips
Paster Pippts
Forsted Slide
Micro Centirifuge Tube

Rubber Hand Gloves

Latex Exmaintion Gloves Latex Examintaion Gloves Powder-Free Nitrile, Sterile Surgical, Gynological Elbow Length, Vinyal Hand Gloves Nitrile Hand Gloves 12”/16”/18” Long Cuff Latex Gloves

Disposable Products

Bouffant Cap 18”/21” Face Mask 2 Ply,3ply Elastic,Tie Apron, Disposable Gown Scrub Suit, Boiler Suit Pant, Shirts, Hood Cap, Shoe Cover, Plain Sheets, Eye Pad, Sleeves, Booties, Orthopedic Kit





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